Monday, January 18, 2010

Other Servers

It seems that waiting on servers can swing both ways. I've read horror stories about a server getting stiffed by another, or treated rudely...

I have had a few bad experiences. I had a table of four. One girl was being really demanding and needy. She needed this, a side of that, on side this, can you...that. The mom actually said, "Kathleen! You're a server, you should know better". Yeah, bitch, you should.

I also know that another girl that comes in, Ashley (go figure), works at Bob Evans. She's a cunt. I hate using that word, I prefer something less severe, but that is the PERFECT name for her. I think she's even the bitch that threw away my application when I applied there (I was 16). I don't know what her problem is, but she doesn't like me. She left me 6 on an 80 dollar check. See? Cunt. So far, I've restrained myself from finding her and beating her black and blue. She always has, like, 5 kids with her and she can't be much older than 24. So, she'd probably be pregnant when I decided to beat her up, although I think it might be more beneficial to the unborn than me.

However, back on track, I have had AWESOME servers. I had a four top, 3 servers and a kid, come in and sit in my section. When they told me they were servers, I couldn't roll my eyes hard enough. But they were cool chicks! We talked for a while (they were my last table of the day) and they were really nice. They paid seperately and each left me 10. I made 30 on a 60. Wow. I thanked them over and over again.

I try not to make any judgments on people. I can normally tell which servers are cool and which ones are bitchy. Overall, most will tip you good and will be the least pain in the ass. Here's to you, girls!

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  1. Does "Ashley" come in on the third of the month? Welfare day.