Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Before and After

Today, I'm off of work. Thankfully, I didn't get called in to work because I need a day off.

During the day is when they have the worst commericals. They are played for stay-at-home moms, the unemployed, and people who disabilities. That's why you see so many lawyer, cleaning, and college commercials at that time. And you thought it was a coincidence...

Anyway, I'm sure you've seen the Nutrisystem commericals, or something close to it. The spokesperson is a perfect weight, most likely blonde, with big boobs and artifically tan. A picture of perfection? Hardly! Gross.

First of all, it's anti-feminist. Do they think we all want to look like superficial idiots? I know I don't. They pick women who are blonde, skinny, and have big boobs because that's supposed to be the ideal picture for women everywhere. It's what men want, right? And women buy into that? Men want what they can't have. Why can't they have it? Because that "perfect woman" doesn't actually exist. I guarantee you, the women on TV look like Godzilla rolling out of bed, with an attitude to boot.

The sad thing is, I think the BEFORE picture is beautiful. Some horrid, skanky, ugly beast crawled out of that beautiful, lively woman! So what if she was a little overweight? What's with women wanting to sell their souls to be skinny?! Are you really going to eat nutrition bars for the REST of your LIFE?

Just another JennyCraig commerical. A brown haired scientist woman talks about losing weight, then rips off her coat and she's sexy. Ooo la la. Sign me up today!!

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