Thursday, January 14, 2010

In Tune with the Universe

I like going out to eat. I wait on people and I like to have the favor returned. So, I'll be sitting there, in the restaurant, my waitress radar still on, and I'll see a table and a divine feeling comes over me. Sometimes it doesn't happen at once, but over the course of the meal, I'll get the feeling. It's sort of odd to feel it. I want to help the person, to make them happy, to show them that someone is looking out for them. I'm not too fond of the idea of God, but if there is one, this is when I feel him. It's a pure feeling, unbiased, and completely self-less. It's a sense of needing to do something for someone else, to make their day, or bless them.

I will ask the waitress for their bill and pay for it. I don't know why I do it. Even when I was 16, I would get feelings from tables I've waited on, good and bad. I've paid for people's bills when I was SERVING them, just because I felt like I needed to do it.

I see it as a way of saying 'there is someone here who wants to reward you'. I don't know this person, but when I get the feeling, it's beautiful. It's like I can tell s/he is a GOOD person. And it doesn't happen all the time either. It's been 6+ months since I've gotten the feeling.

It'll happen when I see a father and his children playing outside in the snow. It'll happen when I see two sisters sitting together on a park bench, sharing ice-cream. It's the little acts of love- the ones that are usually kept to ourselves. I'll see an old man mowing his lawn and want to help him- though, in this time, you can't trust anyone, so I doubt he would let me help in fear that I would rob him.

And now my fiance is starting to pick up on those vibrations too. He doesn't get them nearly as often, but he told me a year ago (we've been together since we were 16) there was this old man heading towards the grocery store. He was probably still a good 30 minutes (walking distance) from the store. My fiance pulled over and offered the man a ride. He accepted and my fiance dropped him off at the store. There was nothing to it, just an act of kindness, and both went on their way.

That's it. Nothing to it. We'll never see those people again and that's okay, as long as we leave our little imprints in their memory, and their hearts.

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  1. I love doing things like this too - RAK Random Acts of Kindness.

    A few years back I was driving to pick my young daughter up at school and I was about 5 blocks away. I was on time, but I noticed this little lady running down the sidewalk - she wasn't going to be on time to pick up her child by the time the bell rang [no worse feeling than NOT to be standing there when your 1st grader comes out] and I pulled over and asked if she wanted a lift for the rest of the way. She actually stuttered, as in, she wasn't sure to accept a ride from a middle aged woman to the school [sad, eh?] but she hopped in and thanked me.

    I think a lot of people don't do things anymore because people are so suspicous anymore. The criminals really ruined it for the rest of us. :(